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In my forty two plus years in the real estate industry I have met a great number of tremendous agents who have built very sustainable businesses, and I have learned something from almost all of them. About twenty five years ago I got to know a very successful Maryland agent named Eric Venit. Eric was a Top Producer year after year who focused on the listing side of the business. Eric was also an early proponent in the utilization of the CRM platform, “Top Producer”. I remember asking Eric one time what he attributed his success to. His succinct answer has resonated with me forever as he answered “I get up in the morning and do what my computer tells me to do”. Simple and Straightforward!

Last month your company deployed an exciting new automated marketing and CRM platform, AHWorks, developed in conjunction with Delta Media Group. Think about it this way. If you make a sale, you can make a little money; if you make an investment of time to develop your client prospect database and automate your marketing you can make a fortune. Yes, you still have to engage people and deliver amazing service to all, but when you awake in the morning you have a road map to follow.

The investment of time to set up and utilize a system is a powerful statement and a telling commentary on why so many agents struggle to achieve greater productivity. We live in an automated world and the single greatest trait I think separates an agent with a growing sustainable real estate business from one with lower productivity is an automated plan. We know what we need to do, but many don’t do it. We spend our time looking for something to “change” our life rather than using the tools we are given to win and achieve.  As Mark Twain said “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”.

AveryHess has given EVERY company agent a powerful new FREE program. Why not start today, not tomorrow, and begin utilizing a tool that will help you grow your business. And guess what? More powerful SEO, equals more LEADS.

Business is GREAT!

Scott Avery


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