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Ashburn, VA Market Report – 4/27/10

It’s that time of the year when more houses come onto the market and this year is no exception. Ashburn has a great selection of homes and almost all of them are under 15 years old–the approximate age of the entire area. The greatest thing about Ashburn is that it is flush with such a huge diversity of homes, an individual or family can keep trading up or down in size and style without ever changing grocery stores!

Ashburn, VA Market Report – 2/23/10

The average sales price in Ashburn has bounced around like a ping pong ball from month to month for the past 18 months. Prices are definitely still lower than one year ago, but when looking at the median sales price rather than the average sales prices, you can see that the prices are stabilizing or rising slightly.

As is normal at the beginning of the year through early summer, more houses are coming onto the market. This bodes well for buyers who want…

Ashburn, VA Market Report – 12/2/09

The average sales price took a huge dive from last month in large part because the majority of what was sold was comprised of lower priced properties. As a result, the average sales price dropped from $424,550 to $382,665. Common sense tells us that the market did not drop by 10% in one month. What we’re faced with now is a statistical anomaly that should smooth itself out over time.

Ashburn, VA Market Report – 9/24/09

Ashburn is a popular community of newer homes with many community amenities. It is located near many growing employment corridors, including the Dulles Technology corridor, as well as Route 28, Tysons Corner, and Leesburg. Low interest rates combined with the lower median sales prices in Ashburn has made this a very popular community, especially with buyers seeking to settle before the November 30 deadline to take advantage of the Federal Housing Tax Credit for first-time home buyers.