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The On-line Quandary

When not making me delicious double chocolate chip cookies and homemade minestrone, my mother-in-law Nancy spends her time running a successful small business. Much like many Real Estate agents she is a sole practitioner. Much like many Real Estate agents, she is fully dependent on herself to generate leads, service clients and generate revenue.

The Revolution will be Mobilized

I normally don’t get overly excited when I see a new piece of Real Estate technology. In fact, I usually ignore most of the new “cutting edge” technology that comes across my desk; generally what I see is neither “cutting” nor “edgy.” But last week, I sat up and took notice. I learned about a piece of technology that has tremendous viability in the Real Estate space. Vyoo.

What's your Content Strategy?

A storm approaches. It makes landfall just before dawn. Cold, bitter winds drive the storm inland. Real Estate birds are driven from their perches, jarred by the approaching tempest. Taking flight, they twitter vociferously about anything, everything. Wave upon wave of fan pages crash upon the shore, unleashing their fury upon the berms of relevancy. The blogosphere is buffeted unrelentingly; unfiltered messaging rains down from the heavens, over-saturating the once fertile soils of digital possibility…

From the Mouth of Babes

Can Internet research help us as Real Estate consumers? Absolutely, yes. In fact, I think the availability of such an abundance of information is a good thing. A great thing. But what do we do with all of the information we find? How do we compile it? How do we organize it? How do we apply the right bit of information to the appropriate circumstance…

We "Like" Facebook, and Here's Why

With other content and advertising platforms gathering content from users and advertising others on that content, Facebook is taking a GIANT step in the right direction by leveraging its users/advertisers content to help the original publisher of that content. I think this model is setting up Facebook to become an advertising platform behemoth in the mid-to-long term, and certainly something all of us here in Real Estate need to be cognizant of…

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