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The Decatur House's War of 1812 Exhibit Covers D.C. Lore

23 Aug
August 23, 2013 Washington, D.C. is a city rich in history. But with so many momentous occasion having occurred here, it is easy to forget some of this town’s biggest moments. And with all the wonderful monuments and museums, it’s sometime easy to miss other buildings steeped in significance. This weekend, right downtown, there is an opportunity to engage history and a historic building, by visiting one of Washington, D.C.’s most impressive, but less-well known houses that's hosting an exhibit on an most infamous moment in this city’s history. One hundred and ninety-nine years ago, almost to the day, British soldiers burned Washington, D.C. to the ground. It happened the last week of August in 1813, Read more [...]

Film Festival Brings The Drive-In Back To D.C.

14 Aug
August 14, 2013 One of the greatest American traditions of the mid-20th century has essentially disappeared as we’ve moved into the 2000s. What was once a standard weekend activity for young couples, older folks and everyone in between has essentially been lost to the ages. Except for this weekend. Because in Rockville, Maryland, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the drive-in movie theater is back. The revival is the focus of the 17th Annual Comcast Film Festival, which raises money for charities that work with the National Institute of Health. Nowadays around Washington, D.C., outdoor movie screenings are ubiquitous. But when the festival started, all the way back in 1996, it was one of the first major Read more [...]

Unprecedented Putt-Putt at the National Building Museum

08 Aug
August 8, 2013 Miniature golf is one of America’s most quintessential outdoor summer activities. Whether it’s playing putt-putt with family, friends or a significant other, it’s always a wonderful way to spend a warm evening. Washington, D.C. does it differently.  The city’s most popular course this summer isn’t located outdoors. It’s in the middle of a building downtown. And that might be the least unconventional aspect of it. Because at this course, holographs replace water hazards; carpet, plastic and wood are used instead of grass; and traditional curves become unnavigable angles. It’s also a temporary pop-up putt-putt shop, only here until September. So what exactly is it? It’s the Read more [...]

Heurich House: Home To Washington's Oldest Brewer

01 Aug
August 1, 2013 The Washington, D.C. brewing scene has exploded in recent years. From Port City in Alexandria, Virginia to DC Brau in Bladensburg and Three Stars Brewing near Brightwood, this city is starting to gain credibility in the world of beer. That trend is unlikely to stop, especially with the upcoming opening of Bluejacket Brewery down near Nationals Park . With all this new development going on in the District, it’s sometimes easy to forget the rich brewing history Washington, D.C. has. When it comes to making beer, this city’s was churning out kegs well before the recent boom. And if you’ve ever wandered around south of Dupont Circle, you’ve walked right past the heart of it. On the corner Read more [...]

Farm Focused Fun For Kids This Weekend

26 Jul
July 26, 2013 Washington, D.C. is one of the best cities in the country right now for the local food movement. Not only does this area have chefs that are dedicated to buying products from as close as possible, there are farms all over Virginia and Maryland that are capable of providing top-notch produce and meats. The local food movement is one with staying power. Not only is it good for the environment, it’s good eating. Local tastes fresher. And as all good dining habits start at the home, it’s never too early to teach your children about the benefits of eating local That makes this weekend the perfect opportunity to show children how to do so, with many local farms opening their barn doors for family-centric Read more [...]

Funk Fringe Fest Returns to Washington, D.C.

18 Jul
July 18, 2013 Washington D.C. is a city dictated by its calendar. From when Congress is in session to its many annual traditions, this place likes to stay very well regulated. Which is why it’s nice that each year, Capital Fringe Festival comes along to shake it up. Yes, the performing arts event follows a tradition yearly schedule, but that is about the only conventional part of Washington’s annual ode to the odd.   Now in its eighth year, Capital Fringe Festival is a city-wide arts festival, with a strong focus on performance, that specializes in both the local and the weird. The Festival is the premier of event of Capital Fringe, a non-profit whose mission is to support artists from the area Read more [...]

Francophiles Rejoice! It's Bastille Day in D.C.

11 Jul
July 11, 2013 Whenever Washington, D.C. is compared to other great cities of the world, there is always one place it seems to have the most in common with: Paris. The look and feel of Washington, D.C. is synonymous with one of Europe’s greatest towns. A lot of that is because, as most know, a French engineer took the lead in designing our capital's layout. With its grand avenues and numerous circles, Pierre L'Enfant made it quite akin to Paris. There's more; not only did France help the U.S. in the Revolutionary War, they underwent a democratic revolution almost immediately after ours. This established an allegiance between the two cities that will always exist. In fact, the major holidays each country Read more [...]

The Fourth is Full of Festivities this Year in Washington, D.C.

03 Jul
July 3, 2013 If there is one thing that Washington, D.C. knows how to do better than any other city in this country, it is celebrating America. With this Thursday being the birthday of our nation, the town takes it to a whole new level with numerous festive celebrations, all of which are wonderful ways to partake in Fourth of July fun. Any proper celebration of America should involve its beloved pastime. This year the Washington Nationals are making attending a baseball game on the Fourth of July much easier. The past several years have been blisteringly hot in Washington, D.C. over the holiday. This year the temperature isn’t expected to soar nearly as much, making it easy to go out and support Washington's Read more [...]

Cultures Collide at Smithsonian Folklife Festival

27 Jun
June 27, 2013 One of the wonderful things about America is that it’s a cultural melting pot. Almost every race and ethnicity is represented in this country. Nowhere is that more apparent in Washington, D.C., which is one city that truly embraces the world’s diversity. The chances here to encounter cultures you may have never known about are tremendous. Rarely does a week go by where there isn’t an opportunity to see something you may have even heard about. Over the next couple of weeks, right downtown, there’s one of the biggest multicultural events this city has to offer. That’s because this weekend, as well as the week following the Fourth of July, is the Smithsonian’s Folklife Festival. Read more [...]

Taste of Reston Showcases Town Center

13 Jun
June 13, 2013 Over the past few years, one of D.C. Metro  biggest area's of growth has been in Virginia, to the Northwest of the city. That trend is only likely to continue, spurred by the construction of Metro’s Silver Line, connecting downtown Washington to Dulles Airport. Along that route is an already constantly expanding town, Reston. Though Reston has become more popular in recent years, it’s been an established community for a long time thanks to one very big anchor: The Reston Town Center The Reston Town Center was one of the area’s first mixed-use suburban properties, a massive collection of commercial, residential and retail space. At the time it was an example of how suburban areas could Read more [...]