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Capital Fringe Festival Brings Avant-Garde Art to Washington, D.C.

Seven years ago, a dedicated group of people banded together to form one of the quirkiest and most innovative non-profit Washington, D.C. has ever seen. And what may have seemed like something better suited for San Francisco, has instead been a resounding success.

Capital Fringe was founded in 2005 and their lone goal was to create a more avant-garde atmosphere for the arts in what’s typically viewed as a staid town.

Turtle Park Provides the Perfect Play Day

The calendar has finally flipped to May, and another school year is almost complete.

While that means endless days of fun for children, it can cause a headache for parents who are in charge of finding endless activities to keep their kids entertained.There’s the local pool of course, but even that can get old. Kids always want to do something new and fun. For children in the 2-10 range, a trip to the playground might make their day. If you are going to take them to a playground, why not take them to one of the area’s best, a hidden gem?