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FHA Amendatory Clause Update

08 Jun
June 8, 2009 A recent change by the Federal Housing Administration US Dept of Housing and Urban Development states that certain sellers are not required to sign the FHA Amendatory Clause. The Amendatory clause is not required on: HUD REO sales Sales in which the seller is:  -  Fannie Mae,  -  Freddie Mac,  -  The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA),  -  Rural Housing Services, other Federal, state, and local government agencies, etc., and -   Those sales in which the borrower will not be an owner-occupant. You may also find the entire guidebook (in Word format) at:  http://www.fhaoutreach.gov/FHAHandbook/prod/collections/current/print/4155-2_6.pdf . The statement can be found on Page 16 (4155.2 Read more [...]