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Pumpkin Chunkin' Lets You Send Off Halloween In Smashing Fashion

31 Oct
October 31, 2012 After any holiday ends, there is often a bit of disappointment. Weeks or even months of preparation culminate in a single day, and then it is simply over. But it doesn’t have to be that way with Halloween this year. Once everyone finishes trick or treating on Wednesday night, there’s still an event that gives the holiday a proper send off. And it is a literal send off, but not in any traditional sense. This year, if Hurricane Sandy didn’t already dispose of your jack-o-lanterns, you can skip the usual step of tossing them to the curb. Get rid of yours by sending them soaring into the sky and smashing into the ground at Great Country Farms Annual Pumpkin Chunkin’. Great Country Farms Read more [...]

MyLife in Metro DC: TOUCHDOWN in the City

08 Feb
February 8, 2011 Well, it's finally happened.  My favorite time of the year has come to an end -- football season is officially over. And while my Hokies sadly under performed in this year’s Orange Bowl, I happily cheered on the Green Bay Packers as they claimed victory over the Pittsburg Steelers this past Sunday in the Super Bowl. It was a bittersweet day as I cherished the last few moments of this year’s beloved football season. And now that the last play has been called and last trophy awarded, all that’s left is a massive void in my weekend lineup.  Hours of the day no longer filled with team rivalries, tailgates and lazy time in front of the TV. I know I’m not the only one suffering Read more [...]

Sterling, VA Market Report 1/17/10

17 Jan
January 17, 2011 Are prices falling? One month does not make a trend so we will see what the rest of January brings. With stable employment and low interest rates, I cannot imagine why prices would not be stable. Sterling is still way above the December lows of two years ago. Sterling has a great housing stock of all sizes, prices and ages. Read more [...]

Leesburg, VA Market Report – 11/15/10

15 Nov
November 15, 2010 One year ago the sales were influenced by the First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit. This year’s numbers are without benefit of a tax credit. Proof that buyers do not need stimulus from the government to know a good value when they see it and here in Leesburg it can’t be missed! Read more [...]

Sterling, VA Market Report 10/27/10

27 Oct
October 27, 2010 After the big price increases that occurred after the December 2008 bottom, the Sterling, Virginia real estate market looks stable. Personally I would rather see a stable market than a rising or falling market. A stable market gives a buyer the opportunity to take their time and enjoy the excitement of buying a new residence. Read more [...]

Leesburg, VA Market Report – 9/16/10

16 Sep
September 16, 2010 Leesburg is a very stable real estate market. Check out the stats below and see for yourself. The figures below reflect the Leesburg, Virginia market during the month of June 2010. Read more [...]

Sterling, VA Market Report 9/10/10

10 Sep
September 10, 2010 Note that in the past 13 months prices in Sterling had risen from an average of under $320,000 to over $365,000. Then suddenly with the July closings, we saw an average sales price of only $305,155. This tells me that we had an absence of higher priced units selling and that had the effect of a big drop in the averages. Read more [...]

Leesburg, VA Market Report – 8/11/10

11 Aug
August 11, 2010 The real estate market is getting stronger everywhere in the DC Metro area as stable employment, low interest rates and good consumer confidence leads to a trifecta of positives for the market. Time to buy a house? If so, check out Leesburg, Virginia. Why? See the stats below and make your own decision. Read more [...]

Sterling, VA Market Report 8/5/10

05 Aug
August 5, 2010 Note that in the past year prices in Sterling have risen from an average of under $320,000 to over $365,000. This is an increase of 14%. This 14% increase has had the effect of eliminating some lower income buyers from the housing market. Isn’t that interesting? While the media keeps talking about falling prices and shadow inventories, prices in Sterling are up 14% per year for two years in a row. Read more [...]

Leesburg, VA Market Report – 6/17/10

17 Jun
June 17, 2010 Increasing consumer confidence combined with historically low interest rates have combined to help make it fun to trade up to a larger house again. Homeowners with equity are finding good demand for their homes and are happy with the supply of higher priced houses they have to choose from. Prices in Leesburg reflect this new healthy and stable market. Read more [...]