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Film Festival Brings The Drive-In Back To D.C.

14 Aug
August 14, 2013 One of the greatest American traditions of the mid-20th century has essentially disappeared as we’ve moved into the 2000s. What was once a standard weekend activity for young couples, older folks and everyone in between has essentially been lost to the ages. Except for this weekend. Because in Rockville, Maryland, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the drive-in movie theater is back. The revival is the focus of the 17th Annual Comcast Film Festival, which raises money for charities that work with the National Institute of Health. Nowadays around Washington, D.C., outdoor movie screenings are ubiquitous. But when the festival started, all the way back in 1996, it was one of the first major Read more [...]

Taste of Reston Showcases Town Center

13 Jun
June 13, 2013 Over the past few years, one of D.C. Metro  biggest area's of growth has been in Virginia, to the Northwest of the city. That trend is only likely to continue, spurred by the construction of Metro’s Silver Line, connecting downtown Washington to Dulles Airport. Along that route is an already constantly expanding town, Reston. Though Reston has become more popular in recent years, it’s been an established community for a long time thanks to one very big anchor: The Reston Town Center The Reston Town Center was one of the area’s first mixed-use suburban properties, a massive collection of commercial, residential and retail space. At the time it was an example of how suburban areas could Read more [...]

Outdoor Movie Season Heats Up With Summer

06 Jun
June 6, 2013 This past week has reminded every D.C. resident just how serious the summers here can be. High temperatures and even higher humidity are the norm in this city during the day. That doesn’t mean the nights are unpleasant. On the contrary, since it is so hot and humid, the evenings stay plenty warm, so you can comfortably sit outside in shorts and tee shirts and enjoy the still air. And with the weather having already turned permanently toward the warmer, one of Washington’s favorite summer pastimes is well underway across the metro area. Outdoor movies. Almost every neighborhood in this town sets aside one night a week to put up a giant projector on a lawn and play a movie. The theme’s Read more [...]

Guided Georgetown Garden Tours and Bethesda's Arts Are This Weekend's Events

09 May
May 9, 2013 As summer continues its slow march to Washington, weekends get more and more packed with wonderful ways to spend your free time. Since it’s going to be nice for quite some time, you may want to prioritize, so as not to miss any excellent events. Like some that only come around once a year. There are two of those events this weekend. One you may have heard of, and should certainly check out, and the other, if you've never heard of, will leave you wondering how you went so long without knowing. The latter takes place in Washington’s most popular weekend spots: Georgetown. But the Georgetown Garden Tour won’t be like your typical trip into the neighborhood. Everyone who visits Georgetown Read more [...]

Irish Crawls This Weekend Can Kick Start Your St. Paddy's Day

07 Mar
March 7, 2013 It’s March, which means that one holiday is about to paint everyone’s calendar green. And although St. Patrick’s Day isn’t for another week-and-a-half, that doesn’t mean festivities haven’t already begun throughout the area. The theme for several celebrations this weekend is walking and drinking, with bar crawls in both Dupont and Arlington. The bigger of the two, and the most unique, is the D.C. Whiskey Walk. The event is a combination of a walking tour of D.C. bars (mostly Irish) and whiskeys (all Irish). It kicks off this Saturday at the Board Room, one of D.C.’s newest bars. Alongside the drinks, you'll find may of your favorite childhood games: from Connect Four to Operation Read more [...]

Spend a Sugary Sunday at the Maple Syrup Festival

20 Feb
February 20, 2013 When it comes to breakfast, what’s your favorite part? Is it the slightly runny egg yolks? Salty bites of bacon? Light and fluffy biscuits? Or is it taking a big bottle of maple syrup and pouring it all over everything, drenching your entire meal in sugary goodness? If it's that last part, then read on, because you are in for a sweet treat. Everyone typically imagines maple syrup being bottled up north, coming from either Canada or Vermont. You wouldn’t be wrong. Quebec Province accounts for almost 75% of the world output, while Vermont produces almost six percent. So the syrup on the table at your breakfast nook is most likely from there. But those two places aren’t the only locations Read more [...]

Bayou Festivities Come To Arlington

07 Feb
February 7, 2013 In less than a week, the country’s biggest block party will come to a close. If you haven't heard about, it’s been going on ever since this Wednesday. But right now, the streets of New Orleans have been closed, and will be for six more days, as the city puts on what may be America’s wildest week. That’s right, it’s Mardi Gras. The festivities began much earlier than usual this year, with Fat Tuesday coming in early February. That’s the final day of celebration, and this year is February 12th. Fat Tuesday celebrates the last day before the solemn season of Lent, and is the actual day of Mardi Gras. But ever since the city of New Orleans threw its first parade back in 1857, the parties Read more [...]

Outdoor Screen Season's Final Month

22 Aug
August 22, 2012 In Washington, D.C., weather doesn’t often dictate what you can do. With museums and monuments and galleries all open the same hours in summer as they are in winter, altering your schedule because of the seasons isn’t a requirement. But one part of summer life is in its final stages of the year, as sweaters and scarfs come out of the closet. Across the area, in Maryland, Virginia and the District, outdoor movie theaters are all down to their final shows of the season. While some are wrapping up this weekend, others extend to the actual end of the summer in late September. Either way, if you want to catch a film and gaze at both the stars above and on the screen, you'll want to make plans Read more [...]

Calming Occoquan Lets Everyone Relax

16 Aug
August 16, 2012 Summer is winding down, which means work schedules for those of us in Washington, D.C. will pick up significantly soon. And while most people think escaping the rush of the city requires a several hour drive, there are actually great opportunities to relax and unwind in relative proximity. In fact, just a little bit south of the Beltway is one of the quaintest, coziest towns around, sitting alongside a gently flowing river, full of old-time shops and genial residents. And it’s a breeze to get to. Occoquan, Virginia is only 13 miles south of the Springfield Interchange on 495, approximately 25 miles from the heart of Washington, D.C. It’s also the perfect spot to get away from city living. Read more [...]

Labor Day Events Abound In D.C. and Maryland

02 Sep
September 2, 2011 Labor Day is here, and with it comes summer’s last long weekend. While that means fall and winter will soon arrive, it also means there is one last chance to enjoy some summer festivities the city has to offer. This three-day weekend both Maryland and Washington, D.C. are inundated with events that can fill your calendar. Read more [...]