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Prince William County, VA Market Report – 7/24/12

As you can see by the statistics below, buyers are really getting squeezed on finding something to buy. We have a classic supply and demand situation. After years of excessive inventory and weak demand causing falling prices, now we have the reverse.

There are fewer houses to buy, so homes are selling faster, and prices are getting pushed up. And this causes buyers lose their ability to negotiate and make demands. Buyers begin to accept small deficiencies in the property that they would not have when there was more to choose from.

Prince William County, VA Market Report – 12/13/11

Prince William County homes sales are an interesting story to tell right now. If you ask sellers they will tell you that there is more activity on their listings than in previous months.

This activity has helped pending sales rise 15.63%. In contrast, less sellers entered the market, pushing inventories down 17.39%. If this trend continues, we could start to see a shift in the real estate landscape in Prince William.

Bristow, VA Market Report – 5/27/10

Bristow’s prices bottomed out around December 2008, moved up steadily during 2009 and have started to stabilize in the first four months of 2010. At under $350,000 and selling in about a month, houses in Bristow continue to offer good value for buyers which is why the number of transactions have been so stable. Bristow remains an affordable and in-demand place to live. With interest rates remaining in the high 4% to low 5% range, affordability is very high. Thus Bristow has a robust real estate market.