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Rockville, Maryland Market Report – 8/10/10

Let’s look at the big picture: Fewer houses are for sale than there were one year ago, but more houses have sold. Houses are on the market for on average a month less than they were this time last year and today’s market prices are about the same or slightly higher. Interest rates are lower and are pretty much at the lowest level they have been in 30 years. 168 people bought a house in Rockville last month, should you?

Rockville, Maryland Market Report – 7/9/10

While the statistics show increasing strength in the market, which is correct, the rapid gain in price may be more a function of the “trade up market” than the numbers reveal. What is the Trade Up Market? This is when an existing homeowner sells their house and buys a more expensive property. The result is that there are more sales in the higher price ranges which has the effect of pulling up the averages