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Why You Shouldn't Give Up Facebook

I’ve heard a slew of reasons. Some users say it’s too addictive, while others complain that Facebook is too overwhelming. Then there are some who are at odds with Faceboook’s privacy issues, and those who just forget they even have a profile. Whatever the excuse, Facebook is a tool that is too valuable to simply give up.

To put things into perspective, with over 400 million users…

Google Buzz Part 2

Last week I wrote a post about Google Buzz questioning its long-term viability in the Social Media space. A week into it, I think I may have to eat my words.

In one short week, Google Buzz has already received over 9 million posts and comments, amounting to about 160,000 posts per hour. Buzz is also averaging over 200 mobile check-ins per minute, or 300,000 per day…

What's all that Buzz about Google Buzz?

Google’s big news yesterday was their introduction of “Buzz” – Google’s twitter and facebook-like social media stream. This is not Google’s first foray into the Social Media space – see their Orkut product that has taken off and been successfull internationallyin locales such as India and Brazil. However, Google has yet to make significant headway into the Social Media category here in the United States.

Washington, DC – Market Report 9/3/2009

Washington DC seems to attract a large number of young professionals who are first home buyers looking to take advantage of the $8000 tax credit, as well as a growing number of “empty-nesters” moving into the area for the conveniences it affords. Both groups are drawn by the availability and proximity of theater, sports events, shopping and the many fine restaurants from which to choose.