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The Arlington Cinema ‘N’ Drafthouse: Bites, Beers and the Big Screen

A trip to the movies in 2011 can be an expensive affair. With most summer blockbusters utilizing 3-D and IMAX technology, a single movie ticket can cost upwards of $15.

To save money, most people now wait for movies to come out on DVD. However, there’s something to be said for leaving the house and going to the theater. But where can you see these newly released movies without breaking your budget?

MyLife in Metro DC: Experiencing OVO before it’s OV-er!

For those of you who have yet to experience (or those of you that love) the wonder of human strength, flexibility and jaw-dropping talent that Cirque du Soleil brings to stage, you have an incredible opportunity to witness one of their awe inspiring shows, OVO, right here in DC from September 9th until this Sunday, October 24th. The wonderment all takes place under the bright blue and yellow tents of the Grand Chapiteau, perched high above the National Harbour.