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Hop Aboard the Tysons Corner Real Estate Money Train

16 Jan
January 16, 2014 The Silver Line makes its debut this year, which has many potential homeowners asking what this means for home prices in the neighborhoods affected by the much-talked-about public transit expansion. We know what you’re thinking and you’re right on the money! If you play your cards right you could be sitting on a cash cow that brings with it increasing property values, an easier commute, more local businesses, walkable town centers, and substantial changes in the outlook of a various communities (think schools for example). Phase 1 of the Silver Line lies right along the Tysons Corner Corridor, home to the largest shopping mall in the DC Metro area and in the entire state of Virginia. Read more [...]

McLean/Tysons Corner, VA Market Report – 1/11/2012

11 Jan
January 11, 2012 They say the only thing constant is change. Tysons Corner is going through changes and there is no doubt about it as you pass by on the Beltway. Just when you think you’ve gotten the roads figured out, they change. But don’t worry, this too shall pass. Read more [...]