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Take in the Old and New at Washington's Classical and Modern Gallery

28 Feb
February 28, 2013   Washington is filled with many venerable architectural institutions: the Library of Congress, the Lincoln Memorial, and the White House to name a few. Among the many aspects these places share is that they were all built in a similar neoclassical style, with soaring Romanesque columns. It’s a look that many of the most powerful buildings have. With the city in the midst of a construction boon, D.C. has seen itself moving away from the designs of the past with new modern glass structures. Many people may not know though, that this look came to the city decades ago, when it was paired with an iconoclastic building, creating one of the most unique contrasts in the metro area.   The Read more [...]

Renwick's "40 Under 40" See Traditional Crafts Reinvented

30 Jan
January 30, 2013 The phrase "arts and crafts" tends to conjure up images of kindergarteners fiddling around with tongue depressors, yarn and Elmer’s Glue. It rarely brings to mind avant-garde pieces that speak to the future of art. Even if you did imagine wild works of fabric and folded paper, you might think you’d only see them in modern museums in cultural epicenters like New York or Paris. Not downtown Washington, D.C. However, they are here for you to experience; in fact, this weekend is the last few days of a show that’s been running since July. The Renwick Gallery, a branch of the Smithsonian’s American Art Gallery, is dedicated to preserving this country’s craft and decorative arts traditions. Read more [...]

The Magical Seussical Finishes its Run at Imagination Stage

03 Jan
January 3, 2013 With the wide array of entertainment options available for children, it can be hard to get everyone to agree on one. But for most all kids, there's been one popular item in everyone’s childhood. That is the works of Doctor Seuss. Be it Green Eggs and Ham or the Cat in the Hat or Oh, The Places You Will Go!, almost every child, and by virtue, nearly every parent, has at some point snuggled up with and enjoyed the works of Thedor Giesel. And because his illustrations and stories are so vivid, so lively, it’s hard to remember that you’re only reading a book. But what if all those marvelous characters could come to life? For kids to watch in person, see run around in a mystical world, a Read more [...]

Winter Brings Two New Washington Ice Rinks

13 Dec
December 13, 2012 With cold weather having descended upon D.C. for good, a bevy of winter attractions are now available for locals and tourists to enjoy. While many of the options are familiar to residents, two new venues have both opened up this year, both within the city limits, that allow you to partake in one of everyone’s favorite outdoor, cold-weather activity. Outdoor ice skating can be everyone's favorite way to spend a winter weekday evening or chilly weekend afternoon. There's nothing like sashaying about on a sheet of frozen water while the cold wind whips at your face. Inside Washington, D.C., there used to be only one location to go to, a small oval in the middle of the Sculpture Gardens But Read more [...]

Enjoy Serendipity's Frozen Treats During This Winter Warm Spell

06 Dec
December 6, 2012 Serendipity is the occurrence of a happy accident, having something happen you weren’t expecting, and having it work out with marvelous and wonderful results. While living in Washington, D.C. or during a visit, you might have found yourself wandering the streets of Georgetown, looking for something to eat. If you look up when crossing the neighborhood’s busiest intersection—Wisconsin and M Street—you’ll find yourself looking at a sign that bears that exact word. And wouldn’t you know it, it is a place you can grab a bite. Serendipity 3, located on the Southeast corner of the intersection, harkens back to an older time in America: the 1950s to be precise, with art deco décor and Read more [...]

Sakuramen is D.C.'s Hottest New Soup Shop

21 Nov
November 21, 2012 With winter comes many wonderful things: Thanksgiving, December holidays, even an entirely new year at the beginning of January. But there’s one thing that winter brings that almost everyone dislikes: low temperatures, and with it, colds galore. Sniffling and sneezing, shivering and shaking, wearing the warmest of clothing and still feeling chilly. Every person detests that awful feeling of being sick. But almost all of us have the same perfect remedy for the common cold. Soup. And just in time for the winter season, a spectacular soup shop has opened up in Adams Morgan, where you can sip hot broths and eat  sumptuous, spicy toppings, with flavors and temperatures sure to amplify your Read more [...]

Washington, DC – Market Report 11/20/12

20 Nov
November 20, 2012 Years ago as the holiday season approached, we looked forward to going “downtown” by trolley car to view the windows in the large department stores, Woodies, Hecht’s and Garfinkles.  They were always a vision of delight with the animated figures and glorious fairyland scenes.  Although these days are long gone, Washington, D.C. with its many neighborhoods is still a wonderful place to live.  The “District” as it is commonly called is the capitol of the United States and as such is a vibrant city. The four quadrants of the city, NE, NW, SE, and SW are all comprised of neighborhoods that range from low income to ultra-expensive.  Unique areas such as Capitol Hill and Georgetown as Read more [...]

Pumpkin Chunkin' Lets You Send Off Halloween In Smashing Fashion

31 Oct
October 31, 2012 After any holiday ends, there is often a bit of disappointment. Weeks or even months of preparation culminate in a single day, and then it is simply over. But it doesn’t have to be that way with Halloween this year. Once everyone finishes trick or treating on Wednesday night, there’s still an event that gives the holiday a proper send off. And it is a literal send off, but not in any traditional sense. This year, if Hurricane Sandy didn’t already dispose of your jack-o-lanterns, you can skip the usual step of tossing them to the curb. Get rid of yours by sending them soaring into the sky and smashing into the ground at Great Country Farms Annual Pumpkin Chunkin’. Great Country Farms Read more [...]

Kids Euro Festival Keeps Children Cultured

25 Oct
October 25, 2012 It is very easy to stay cultured in Washington, D.C. With this city’s plethora of museums, galleries and performances, it doesn’t take much to keep your brain stimulated. And while it's easy for parents to enjoy the arts, it's slightly harder to educate kids while keeping them entertained. From science to history to other cultures, kids like to have fun while learning. For the next couple of weeks, parents in this area will have no problem finding enjoyable and informational activities for their kids, all while learning about our sister continent to the East. That’s because from now until November 14th is the fifth annual Kids Euro Festival, which takes place throughout D.C. and it Read more [...]

Snallygaster Serves Suds Up This Weekend In Yards Park

12 Oct
October 12, 2012 This last weekend, many Washingtonians lamented the final Truckeroo of the summer season, the event that, on occasional Fridays throughout the warm months, packed the Fairgrounds near Nationals Park with discerning eaters and some of the area’s finest food trucks. While that event is over until warmer months, Yards Park, just a half mile away in Southeast, will fill any void this weekend. They are playing host to an outdoor festival certain to satisfy any Truckeroo regular. Or for that matter, any person who loves beer. Snallygaster is the inaugural D.C. Oktoberfest celebration from the Neighborhood Restaurant Group. This group owns some of the most popular restaurants in the area, including Read more [...]