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Capital Fringe Festival Brings Avant-Garde Art to Washington, D.C.

Seven years ago, a dedicated group of people banded together to form one of the quirkiest and most innovative non-profit Washington, D.C. has ever seen. And what may have seemed like something better suited for San Francisco, has instead been a resounding success.

Capital Fringe was founded in 2005 and their lone goal was to create a more avant-garde atmosphere for the arts in what’s typically viewed as a staid town.

Have "A Capitol Fourth" in Our Nation's Capital

Over the past four years, American’s have been spoiled. Since 2008, the Fourth of July holiday has aligned with a weekend, giving the entire nation three days off.

This year, the holiday falls on a Wednesday, sandwiched between days at the office. For many, that might be a disappointment, and cause people to trim their activities. But here in Washington, D.C., despite the weekday date, there is no shortage of ways to celebrate.

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